Getting a Book from Another School

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Sometimes, when you are doing a search in our catalog you come across books that at not located at Emerson. This tutorial will show you how to have them delivered here.

First, do a search in our catalog. Try searching for "film."

Getting a Book from Another School

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Notice that some of the results say available followed by the name of a local college such as "MFA Main Library," "Emerson College," or "Wentworth."

Others simply say multiple holdings available. That means more than one school owns that book.

Select one of those items that looks interesting to you.

Make a Request

1 of 2Look under Holdings Information. There should be at least 2 schools listed. If neither one is Emerson, you will need to request that it be sent here.

On the far right in the blue box is a link that says Make a Request, click it. 

From the drop-down menu, select Institution ID and type in your Emerson ID number and your last name; this will log you in to our catalog.

On the next page, select the second option, Request from other library.

Did you get an error message saying "No items are available for CallSlip requests"?

Make a Request

2 of 2Choose which copy you want.

For pickup location, select ECL-Circulation.

You will receive an email when your book is available. Requests typically take 3-5 days to complete.